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• A reminder that Maintenance Fees payments can be made online at www.vriresorts.com.

• Non-Judicial Foreclosure Approved in Massachusetts. Click HERE for a summary of the new law.

• Please let us know how you will be using your week by printing and mailing the following form. REMINDER CARD

Holly Tree Resort

To our Holly Tree owners. Below is useful information regarding your ownership at Holly Tree Resort. This information is helpful in understanding your options in using your timeshare interval.

Holly Tree Resort

Holly Tree: Weeks Calendars

Download the Holly Tree Resort Weeks Calendar

Holly Tree Resort

Holly Tree: Using Your Timeshare

Occupying Your Week
A Holly Tree owner always has the option of using their fixed week. All weeks at the resort check in on Saturday at 4 PM and check out on the following Saturday at 10 AM. Starting dates vary from year to year and an owner should always confirm with the resort that they will be using their week.

Owners can always allow guests to use their week. Please send the resort written notice of who is using your week and what days will be occupied. The maximum occupancy limits are strictly enforced, you are responsible for your guests' actions and for any damages that may occur.

As with all ownership options, Operating Fees must be paid when billed.

In-House Exchange Program
Our In-House Exchange program allows Owners to use a different week at the resort. If you have an interest in the In-House Exchange Program, please contact the Resort at least 60 days before the start of your Deeded Week, and an In-House Exchange form will be sent to you.

In-House Exchange requests are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. If requesting School Vacation weeks and weeks 24 thru 40, 9 months to a year in advance is proper notification. When requesting In House Exchange dates, you should always try to give optional travel dates with as much advance notice as possible, so we can give you a quick confirmation.

Holly Tree owners can request within their own time period, the resort uses Interval International´s Color Codes.

When you are using the In - House Exchange Program, you should keep in mind that all Holly Tree Units are unique and are not always available for the times you may request. If you must have a certain type of unit, please specify that is what you need, If not specified, we will confirm you into the first available comparable unit for the time you request.

Guests are always welcome to use your In-House Exchange. Please submit their name in writing to the Resort.

RED TIME OWNERS can choose any week.
YELLOW TIME OWNERS and GREEN TIME OWNERS can choose from weeks 1-20, 42-52.

Other Exchange Options
Our resort is affiliated with VRI*ety, Interval International, and RCI exchange programs. These exchange networks enable Holly Tree owners to exchange their week for a week at resorts around the world as well as other useful membership benefits that make vacation ownership special. Other privately-owned exchange companies such as Dial An Exchange are also available to all of our owners. Please visit the following exchange company websites for more information on exchanging your Holly Tree week.


Maintenance fees must be paid prior to depositing your week with an exchange company. If depositing a future year's week, maintenance fees must be paid in advance.

Renting Out Your Week
To list your week up for rent, more information can be found on VRI´s website HERE.

Please note that all fees are due before placing your week up for rent. For any questions regarding renting out your week, please call reservations at 1-800-452-5202.

Holly Tree Resort

Holly Tree: Annual Fees

Each Owner at the Holly Tree Resort is responsible for paying a yearly Operating Fee for each week that they own. Operating Fees are due when they are billed.

Owners who have Operating Fees that are overdue will be subject to monthly interest charges, suspension fees, loss of exchange & charter membership privileges.

All Holly Tree owners must have all Operating Fees paid in advance before they can Exchange, Rent, Occupy or use any Charter Member benefit.

Interval International will accept Deposits and Request First placements up to two years in advance of an owners week. In order to facilitate these requests, the Owner must pay an Estimated Operating Fee for the week they are offering to I.I., the resort will not authorize an exchange until the Operating Fees are paid in full. Please call the resort billing office at 508-771-3399 before offering these weeks for exchange and we will process your payment. You may also pay on-line on our secure payment form. We accept major Credit Cards for Operating Fee payments.

Holly Tree Resort will be glad to set up a payment plan for any owner who is experiencing financial difficulty.

Holly Tree Resort

Holly Tree: Day Use

  • Day use privileges are for the owner and co-owner(s) of record, and their spouses and children.
  • Day use is only available when the resort is under 80% occupancy.
  • The owner is requested to call the resort prior to arrival to verify occupancy for that day!
  • The owner must be current with all Association Fees.
  • Alternate year owners may utilize day use only in their ownership year.
  • Owners' children utilizing day use are governed by posted age limits and rules for the various amenities.
  • Owners utilizing day use must sign in at the front desk.
  • Owners are allowed two (2) guests per account.

Holly Tree

Holly Tree Resort

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Holly Tree

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